Pictures for Patterns with No Picture

Okay, here’s a thought. Maybe a summer project if anyone is interested.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for patterns on the internet. And, you usually only make the ones that have pictures - right?


Here’s my thought. Why don’t some of us make some of those patterns that DON’T have pictures, then post the photo here for a reference?

I’d be willing to make 2 items and post the photo.

All we’d need to do is choose the pattern and go for it. Maybe the pattern designer would be willing to let us post the pattern with a photo on another website?

:smiley: That’s a great idea! Although, I don’t think I can participate now bc my “To Do” list is, oh, 2 or 3 miles long :rofling: :roflhard:

My concern is–what if we invest that time and yarn and hate it? :thinking: I suspect the reason we don’t knit patterns without pictures is because we want to know if we like it.

Don’t get me wrong–it’s a great idea–but like Rebecca, there are too many things that I KNOW I’d like to knit.

I guess I’m not brave enough to give it a try at the moment. I’ve seen some sites with all kinds of patterns but NO pictures. I just pass them buy.

This reminds me of doing a “Mystery Quilt”. I quilt and that’s when you buy the amounts of fabric as instructed. Then you cut out the fabrics as instructed…then are told what pieces to sew together and in the end you have a wall hanging quilt. I’ve done that ONCE. After I saw what I made the design was very nice BUT if I had KNOWN what I was making I would have made different color choices etc. :rollseyes:

Ingrid, you can mitigate the investment by choosing odd ball yarn projects. That’s what I’m going… I’m making up a hat pattern that had no picture, out of stash yarn (Lamb’s Pride). Gonna donate it and some others to a local homeless outreach group.

I’m thinking like Wynnie. I’m almost positive the project will end up going to charity. But, in the end I’ll have a photo with the pattern for future reference!

I was aiming for small projects like hats or socks or baby things. The only large project I would consider would be an afghan.

DITTO!! :mrgreen:

You could have a knit n’ swap. If you knit a sample of a pattern with no pic, then post the pic here and see if someone wants it. Or, you could auction them off for a charity, or give them to a local homeless shelter or battered women’s shelter.