Pictures for all ages! (equal time for all)

“safe” pictures

love the first one

Thank you, I needed that. I have an ongoing desire to dress my weiner dog but dh says no…at least I can laugh at other people’s pets… :smiley:

:rofling: :rofling: :rofling: Those are so funny. The underwear dog is just disturbing :shock: :roflhard:

:roflhard: Those are funny!! How in the world did someone get a Fanta bottle on a dog though? :??

HAHA that’s so cute!!!

Poor dogs!

I want one sooooo bad!

I love the fanta bottle one and the poodle. :roflhard:

My family and I loved those! Especially the blue jeans dog. My dog would NEVER agree to being clothed. Thanks for that! :roflhard:

rofl… I loved the grateful dead poodle…

Maybe dressing your pets isn’t wrong, but dressing them like THAT sure is!!! :roflhard:

That’s what I want to know

Wow…someone has an awful lot of time on their hands to braid and bead their dog’s fur. Not to mention a very patient and forgiving dog. :lol:

I want to know WHY someone would put their dog in a Fanta Bottle. Those are just some very disturbed people. And the Peeps candy hat?

That’s what I want to know[/quote]

I’m betting they cut the whole bottle apart and just stuck it on the dog and taped it.