Picture to chart

Can anyone help me convert a logo to a knitting chart,cant seem to find an app that works

This is how I do:

First knit a swatch to check your gauge. Then open up a spreadsheet application (for example Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc) and change the row height and column width to match your gauge. Then insert the picture and send it behind everything, and begin coloring the cells to match it. As last step remove the original picture.

If you do not want to use a computer for this task, you can buy graph paper that is having close enough proportion of row height and column width and maybe even print out the picture on top of a such sheet and then by hand begin coloring on another sheet.


If you’re confident in your sketching skills, you can also formulate and print knitters graph paper and sketch things on that. Draw along the lines in the graph after, to convert the sketch to stitches.
This page might be useful (if you’re doing a motif rather than flat 2D shape the principle is the same)

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In addition to the methods already mentioned by @engblom and @Shintoga, you could also see if Stitch Fiddle and/or KnitPro (unrelated to the needle brand) might work for you. Both have free digital tools where you can upload a photo or picture and they convert it into a chart.


Thank you for the help and advice will try this thanks again