Picture of my hat


I hope this is the correct forum to show this pictures. I finally have a digital picture of my first major project, the hat.


Great Job, Stacy! :cheering: What a great looking hat! I love the color combination, too.

Happy Knitting

That is SWEET!!! :cheering:

I so want to do felted stuff… but I’m still trying to get the curaoge up to do a hat… :slight_smile:

I’ve done a pot holder, a pig potholder, and a bear…

Now I’m trying to figure out what is next… maybe I’ll grab some yarn and do something felted this weekend… :slight_smile: That would be reallllly cool

Great hat! Very cool…makes me think of broadway or burlesque girls for some reason. Like the dancing girls in the very beginning of Schindler’s List.

Speaking of potholders…I just finished one that the jolly green giant could use on his cassarole pans…its huge!

Very nice!! :thumbsup:

Love it! I’ve been looking for a pattern similar. Where did you find that one?

Thanks Everyone!

Benniesma ~ I got this pattern at the yarn store where I am taking a lesson. When I get home I can give you the name of the designer.



Love your hat Stacy…great job :cheering:


I’d also be interested in that pattern Stacy, I’ve got a sister in law who will love it I think :slight_smile:
And it looks like a nice first felting project to boot!!

that is absolutely fabulous! way to go :cheering:

Great to see a pic of it! Nice! :thumbsup:

:heart: :heart: :heart: the hat!!! Too, too cute! I would be interested in the pattern also…