Picture of Mistake: help!


I am knitting a hat and seemed to have made some sort of error. Because I am a new knitter, I of course tried to fix it on my own. Bad idea. I have attached a picture in hopes that someone can tell me what I did and how to fix it!

If it involves ripping back, I have done that before and always mess it up when I try to get my knitting back on the needles. Any advice or tips in that department?

Thank you for your help!

If you knit over to the area of the mistake, you can probably fix it from the current row. It look like you’ve added some extra sts and maybe a yarn over in the area of the ladder that you see below the needle. That ladder seems to be connecting true stitches. If you can drop the extra stitches, you may be ok.
I rip back to one row above the mistake and then put the stitches back on a needle stitch-by-stitch as I pull the yarn out of the last row. You could also put a smaller needle through the stitches of the row beneath the mistake first and then rip back but you do have to be careful that you’re picking up stitches in a single row and not wobbling up or down a row. This video may help.

I think when you put it down and picked it up again you went the wrong way. We’ve all done it! If that’s the problem, then tinking is what you need to do.

And if you’re not so good at ripping (or tinking) back, then you might want to insert a lifeline on a round or row that you know is correct BEFORE you mess up, so you don’t have to start over from square one every time!

Thank you! So before I try ripping back, I think I will try to fix it from the current row. Would I take the stitch currently on the needle off and then pull up one stitch from the ladder? I am not sure if that makes sense…but do you maybe know what I mean?

Thank you!

If you’re just taking out one or two stitches, instead of a full-on lifeline, you can run a safety pin through the yarn a row or two below where you need to do the repair.

Lots of good advice about lifelines and holding sts.
It looks like you have about 3 sts or so extra in the gap over the ladder in the photo. Looking at the photo, the ladder doesn’t look like a dropped stitch but simply a ladder [I]between[/I] 2sts. See what happens if you drop the extra sts.

I get it! “Tink” is knit spelled backwards!