Picture of First sock in progress! Updated pictures!

Well I received my DPNs last week and had some worst weighted yarn laying around so I thought I’d take the plunge and try my hand at socks. I’m using the pattern from the silver’s sock online class. I frogged it many many times and finally last night I just got it. I didn’t get very far as it was midnight when I finally figured out what I had been doing wrong so at 12:30 I made myself put it down! So here it is. Sorry the picture isn’t very great!

I hope to work on it more in a little bit, it just depends on my son (almost 20 months) and my cat, who has found a new interest in my yarn!


I have had a 20 month old or near take an interest in my knitting a few times… it usually means reinserting needles!

Worsted weight makes nice slipper socks. I love working with DPN’s :slight_smile: Great start.

Mama Bear

Sorry for the double post… don’t know what happened.

:smiley: WTG, Danielle :smiley: I know u are a future socknitting addict bc u stayed up late until u got it figured out & then couldn’t put it down…this is evidence of the future addiction :wink:

Yes I am really enjoying it! I thought I would try some slipper socks first since it would be easier to see the stiches, knit quicker and I wouldn’t feel so bad wearing them around the house with “glitches”. After doing some research I realized I was doing a YO and making another stitch, that’s what my problem was before. I wasn’t moving the yarn correctly when I went to purl.

I definitely enjoy it, just wish my son would let me get going. Oh well, nap time is at 1! Not too much longer!

Thanks ladies for the replies!


YAY!!! Another sock addict… er knitter!! is born! Congrats on getting it figured out. That yarn looks like the same stuff that I made a pullover for Alex with… RH Kids?

Actually mine was just a cheap old “Red Heart” Color Banana Berry that my mom got me a long time ago and I love the colors and thought, why the heck not! No reason to buy anything nice or expensive for my first pair of socks!


Cool! I love the colors of your yarn :slight_smile:

Looks great! :thumbsup:

Looks great so far! Way to go. I admire you for jumping into the socks. I have still been afraid to try them. Maybe this summer when I get a break from teaching! :slight_smile:

looks great! Love the colors. I’m so addicted to making socks especially baby or toddler sizes. Can’t wait to see a finished sock!

Here is some updated pictures! I stayed up late again last night I managed to turn the heal. Now I’m working on bringing it all together! I hope to finish it today if my son cooperates!

:smiley: That’s a good looking heel :thumbsup:

Nice job! It’s looking great! I know how it is trying to knit with little ones around (I have a 4 yo and a 10 month old). I hope your son takes a nice long nap today so you can finish your sock! :smiley:

Looks great. Isn’t it fun when it actually starts to look like a sock… :happydance:

I am totally impressed! I love your avatar, BTW too cute! I may have to take inspiration. After all - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!! :wink:

Your first sock looks fantastic!! :thumbsup: