I finally learned how! (found! thanks to another knitter here)

so sorry! now to rotate…

I make the belts, too. lovely english leather, with harness hardware.

oh man, there’ll be no end to this!

Wow. Thanks for the pics. Glad you learned how.

:heart: I love your doggies. To awesome

Aww so cute! Glad you figured out the pics!

Now I’ve got caffeine in my system… Love your pooches and that sweater is amazing.

What wonderful projects, each and every one! Yes, those dogs are too adorable. Beautifully done, k1purr2.

see? I CAN finish things!
took the grandpa sweater to knitting this morning, didn’t make a single mistake. I’m feeling very smug about that.

I did the black/green one last fall. as well as the scarves.

cute stuff! do you keep, or sell, or both? :wink:

moslty I knit for myself, but the dogs and cats (will post some of those soon) I sell. a percentage of each goes towards the local cat rescue that I foster for.

Nice kitty. People keep saying I need a pet so I really should knit myself one. I could make The Parlor Cat.

Rumble and Bounce help me sort 2,000 !!! skeins of tapestry wool found at a local thrift shop for $25.

now, of course, I need to find canvas.

all new, many colours, french, pure wool.

and I know what I want to make.

and of course, I have to check out the parlour cat link. :slight_smile:


of course I now have that pattern in my library.
and I have some lovely black eyelash…

Only 2000? Hardly worth bothering over. :rofl:
Great find! Enjoy. Your helpers look like they’re enjoying the job too much. :wink:

they like to get involved. good thing wool keeps,


cuz I won’t be getting to this for a while.

What a great cause and what a nice kitty to add to the adorable friends. Very nicely done.

just for a change of pace. when I’m not knitting, I make jewelry. :slight_smile:

Very pretty. I’m thinking your list of what you don’t do is much shorter than the list of things you do. :thumbsup: