Anyone know how to post pics on a blog? I can’t seem to get pics on.:-x

What kind of blog? I mean here or is it blogger or something?

Generally you need to have a site to store your photos like Flickr. Flickr is free until you reach a certain number of photos or you buy more storage. I’ve never had to add any.

If you use it you can click on the link in my sig about posting photos and it’ll give you info about how to work it which may also work for other sites.

I don’t have flickr. and I want to post pics here. Have you any idea how to? I can’t seem to get any photos on here.

If you click the link in my signature like I suggested previously you’ll find all you need to know about posting photos.

You can attach them directly from your computer, BUT you need to resize them first if you do that. Please don’t post larger than 800 pixels on the widest side. You can avoid that if you get a free Flickr account since you can select your size before posting. The link is in my previous post.

I don’t believe Knitting Help (KH) stores the picture in the forum’s database. They store a link to a picture stored elsewhere on the web. This reduces the cost of disk space KH needs to purchase.

To post a picture you first upload the picture to one of the picture sharing sites, such as Flickr or Photobucket or others. These sites will provide you with a URL to the picture and that is used by KH to pull the picture into the posting.

I think they must store some because you can attach photos. :think:

hmm. I wonder. Thank you both for your help!

We allow both, local storing if you attach the picture, or displaying from another web site if you provide the full link to the image.

What if it is in the computer, does that still work?

See post #4, I covered that with info on resizing them. :thumbsup: The link in my sig also gives links for resizing.

[B]ATTACHING A PHOTO[/B] from your computer.

  1. Click on the paper clip on the message tool bar
  2. Click browse to find the folder you have the photo in
  3. Click upload when you find it
  4. That’s it. The photo will show up when you click ‘submit new thread’.
    [I][B]NOTE[/B] Photo will not show when clicking preview when attaching a photo. [/I]

It has to be resized first though. Please try not to post giant photos. It hogs resource space and is hard for some users to view. Keep them at 800 pixels on the longest side. :thumbsup:

Thank You everyone!:thumbsup: :cool: Life’s good again!