Pics. of two of my latest projects

I love this lace sweater. Its a cotton blend and is a butterscotch color yarn. I want to make it again in white. I need to start a button collection tho. I have a lot baby sweaters that I recently did that are without buttons.

This one is of coffee and cream colors. It has a cable going down the front of it.

They both came out great!:cheering:

They look [B]GREAT![/B]

Oh, I really like the lace sweater (both turned out great)! Such pretty details!!!

Both sweaters look so comfortable! You did a great job!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkgreen]You did do a great job on both.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#006400]I to like the lace one.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

This is so [SIZE=4][B][COLOR=Purple]PRETTY!!!:passedout:[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

Both sweaters look wonderful!! Great job :slight_smile:

I was in Joann yesterday looking for buttons for some baby bootees and they have a TON of buttons on clearance right now if you want to stock up.

Beautiful! I think the lace on is particularly nice.