Pics of Malabrigo FO?

I have never used Malabrigo and am considering buying some with the same. I really like pink and cactus flower looks pretty but the last time I bought yarn online the color looked way different in real life than in the tiny pics online. Anyone have FO of Malabrigo (any color) they would like to share? Please also tell what the name of the color is when posting. Thanks!!

Okay it is hard to tell if they will be the same since their yarn is hand painted but here are a couple of mine.

This one is done in Curacao

This one is done in Seleccion Privada D (the website has the colors switched around but this is obviously the correct color.)

Hi Brenda :slight_smile: , are those longies/shorties in the first picture? I’m currently working on my third wool soaker for a friend of mine who is due in April, and I found a pretty good free longies pattern knit in the round, but I haven’t started it yet. What pattern did you use?

Ignore me if those are just child’s pants.

P.S. How did you make the tie? I hate I-cord, but a crochet chain seems so skinny. Is that just a crochet chain made with two strands of yarn at once?

Gorgeous knitting, and I love the scarf and the pants are so cute!

And those colors from the yarn store look pretty close, if not exact on my screen.

I made this with Oceanos… Its the My so called Scarf and then fingerless gloves from knitty… I lost this set when I went to WV… mom feel in love with the color and softness of the yarn :rofl:

I went with the LittleTurtleKnits Picky Pants pattern. It has lots of options and great instructions for all of them. They were the first pattern I ever did that had to really be “worn” and were for someone specific. I usually do hats and gloves and stuff and since it is all about process for me i really don’t care if they fit me or not…i happily donate or give away…lol. I hate i-cord too so i just braided the yarn and used that. The pattern also give instructions for elastic waist pants too. (yes they are a soaker…one of these days i will start another pair for him!)