Pics of FO's, Shawl, hats and socks

This is some knitting I did for gifts this year…Plus yarn yarn yarn for projects to be started

Kitty Pi for my cats, Phoebe, Kacy and Toby

Ruffles and Ridges Shawl for our Neice Jayd

hats and socks for Nephews, Neices and my Dad

Projects to be made :happydance:

Great job! And what a lovely stash you have…

Everything looks wonderful - what nice gifts!!

Wow, they’re fantastic. You inspire me to learn to be a better knitter. Well done.

I love the ruffled socks!! What pattern did you use?

Thank you everyone.

The ruffled sock pattern is from my local yarn shop and there is a free pattern link on her website…

That’s also where I get a majority of my sock yarn check her out!!

I agree the ruffled socks are cute, but the bigger “manlyish” socks are great. good job and way to go on the stash!

The man socks are from Knittng Pure and Simple and is the boot sock. Super easy, same with the ruffled sock. I can finish a sock in a night.

Love it Love it Love it~~I absolutely :heart: :heart: :cheering: the kitty bed… :cheering: Love the socks and what a great stash~

ohh I am so addicted to her yarn it’s so yummy!!

It’s all wonderful :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: and love those projects to be :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Nadja xxx

I kinda wish I took a picture of me doing a yarn angel haha
happy new year!