PICS OF FO Big Cabled Pullover may i vent?

Ok folks, I tried, REALLY I DID!!! I tried to get her to choose something else, but she wouldnt budge:wall: …check this out.

Every Christmas I make all gifts that I give.
I have an 18yo daughter. I will not choose what I make for her. I make her choose what it is and then I give her a yarn of choice and she chooses the color too. If I were to choose, well, it wouldnt be the right thing and all my time and effort not to mention my money would be a waste…not a pretty picture. So with that being said…

This year she chose THIS :!!!:

A: Its super bulky yarn which means REALLY super bulky seams.

B: Its hand wash…My daughter and handwashing anything dont belong in the same sentance. nuff said.

C: My daughter is a toothpick. You could probly fit two of her in the smallest size of this thing.

D: Super bulky weight anything has no flattering qualities of any kind.

And the worst of all…ITS A VOGUE KNITTING PATTERN!! :hair: I dont like Vogue patterns. The reason is another post.

But all she could say is…“MOOMMMM I want something big and cabled and squishy. And this is EXACTLY PERFECT!!!” :flirt:

All you moms know whats comming next…

I melted.

So I bought the pattern, suggested yarn(cuz there was an amazing deal on it) and off I go to make this “EXACTLY PERFECT” …thing…:roll:

I sit down to read over the pattern and decide immediatly that im not going to knit it the suggested way. The pattern suggests to knit it in 4 pieces and seam it together… I will knit the front and back at the same time to avoid massively huge seams and pick up the sleeves and knit those in the round backwards. Pick up the neck and knit it in the round and hopefully this will turn out wearable doing it that way. Crossed Fingers

I casted on and have done the first two rows and already have to vaccum myself and chair due to the shedding of the yarn while working on it. Now I know why there was an amazing deal on the stuff.

The only upside to this project is…its super bulky yarn and wont take me as long as the sweater I made for my nephew done in fingering weight. :yay: :woot: And my daughter is happy, at least till she puts it on and she swims in it and it sheds on her…LOL

Thank you guys for letting me vent…:grphug: I feel much better!!:thumbsup:

Off I go :knitting:

Yeah, I’d knit a bulky weight yarn in the round too. You might do the front and back separately for a few inches to get the vents, then join. Good thing it’s a drop shoulder style, no shaping or set in sleeves, you can just pick up sts around the armhole. It’s fairly easy pattern, but should look terrific when you’re done.

Yea im knitting the front and back separatly for 20 rows and then joining them, thats where the vents stop. the sleeves have a cap but its small and I can hang, only 4 dec rows on it or in my case…increase rows. The bottom isnt setting well with me…it just looks unfinished? should i put something on it? check this out
and this…
it seems they both put shaping in it…mmmm i wonder where that would start and what method? Im going to put shaping in it too. must figure that out. any suggestions?

and then should i not do the cable on the back? thats not lookin too pretty either…someone stop me…its not mine. so my opinion means nothing…if it did…i wouldnt be knitting it.


I guess the cable on the back is original, though it looks a bit much to me, but what does your daughter thing? Ask her.

As for the shaping, you can make it with negative ease and at the large gauge it’ll be stretchy and shape itself. That’s what I do, so haven’t figured out waist shaping - mostly because I have no waist…

The comments indicate that the pattern includes cables on the sleeve, but they’re not in the pictures, and recommend not doing them.

There is no cable on the sleeve according to the pattern in my interpretation of it. It could be construde that way if you werent paying attention to what you were reading. That must be what happened to the others.

As for the shaping, you can make it with negative ease and at the large gauge it’ll be stretchy and shape itself. That’s what I do, so haven’t figured out waist shaping - mostly because I have no waist…

Waist shaping is a matter of juditial decreases and increases. I just dont know where to put them. I havent figured out what negative ease is …lol will do a search but in the meantime could you direct me or give me a quick rundown. it sounds like that might be the relatively painless route.

I appriciate all the feedback on this deal…it isnt taking long to get it knit…im actually having to put it down in hopes of some suggestions. lol

thanks again!!:muah:

UPDATE: just got a really good rundown of what it is from here. im already making the smallest size. im thinking some waist shaping would be good. check this out. One of the comments directs us to Ann Budd’s basic sweater pattern book for some numbers. Ill check that out but im thinking imma just put some dec and inc in and call it good.
Let me know your opinion on my plan. Imma be working on this most the night. I must stay up so this is the perfect time to make some progress on this sweater.

thanks again…

Negative ease is when you knit the item smaller than the body measurement. Hats are a good example, you want them an inch or two smaller than the head.

For a sweater, I measure about 44" in the bust, but make them about 41-42". With a large, loose gauge they stretch over the bust without looking like they’re too small, and then they’re a little smaller over the middle. Another way to shape them is to knit the waist section on smaller needles, but I’m not sure how that would work with the bulky yarn. I think there may be a blog post at about waist shaping, you might try looking that up.

Well I got to the point where I was to start the armhole which is the point where I normaly try it on to check length.(cant stand a short sweater) and called my daughter to do just that and she couldnt come over till tonight so my knitting came to a screeching halt. And after asking her a few questions (she dont like “knitting” questions yanno…is this long enough? or how long do you like your sleeves? or do you REALLY want a cable in your neck? stuff like that…i didnt think those were “knitting” questions but HEY what do i know???) she wound up changing length on the body and doubled the length on the neck but the sleeves were fine. She took out all but one garder ridge on the sleeve. I showed her pictures of some of the ladies who had made one of these things and she said the sleeves looked like something from a space movie…LOL WAIT wernt YOU the one who chose this thing??? anyway…im back to knitting it with the modifications she wants.

This is a great example of “trying it on as you go” I was ready to start the arms and as it turns out I have to knit an extra 2 1/2 inches before i can start the arms now. Glad I waited for her.

BTW: the shaping really made a big difference!!! It looked good on her.

off I go…will post pics of the FO.:knitting:

:noway: Wow, I think I would have told her to knit it herself. :teehee:

Here it is folks the finished object…:woot:

this is right after the arm decreases

this is after blocking…

More pics to come of her in it…we celebrate Christmas on the 20th so Ill take pics of her in it then…

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Thank you I needed to read this today. The sweater is pretty and your dd is a lucky girl.