*PICS* me and my hoodie and a soap sweater

I finished my hoodie in six days, made from the pattern Knitting Pure and Simple and yarn from www.fancyimageyarn.com.

Forewarned I am not photogenic and hubby takes a bad pic :teehee:

What a pretty sweater! I love their patterns!

Oh, that looks cozy. :heart: Nice work, and it fits!

I M not brave enough for a sweater yet
but yours looks great


It’s very pretty, and it looks great on you! Nice job! :cheering:

:muah: Everyone! As for size I thought it would have been a bit bigger. So when I wash maybe blocking will help with it not being so snug. But yes, super comfy I just love it!!

ECB I highly recomend Knitting Pure and Simple. All of thier patterns are super easy!!

It looks GREAT!!! I love the color. Was it a difficult pattern? I’m not sure if I’m ready to make clothing for myself yet. :shrug:

Girl, if you can do what you did with that hat, you can sure knit a sweater!!!

The hoodie looks terrific!

Who and what hat? :shrug:

Oh, you mean ecb’s hats? Yeah, for sure. Double knitting seems intimidating to me from what I’ve seen on “Knitty Gritty”. :??

Susan you need to do some “me knitting”!! This pattern was very simple and for me fast! All it is is knitting in the round EASY!! Check out thier patterns I think on thier website they have a couple free patterns. Make yourself something…

I know, I need to knit something for myself! I’m always knitting for everyone but me! I do enjoy it though and I have some things I want to make for myself and I will. I just have a few WIP and some other things I want to finish first!

The sweater is beautiful and fits you perfectly!

Did you use a pattern for the soap soak? I’ve been wanting to make some and can’t find a pattern that I really like until I saw yours. I would love to know where you got the pattern from.


The soap sweater pattern I got in a kit from this shop www.theyarngarden.com. The kit included yarn, pattern and a lovely bar of soap. It’s called Seed Stitch Soap Sweater… I didn’t see a kit for it on their website but I’m sure if you ask they’ll send to you. It has a nice leaf pattern which you can’t really see with this yarn.

That really is a lovely sweater, congrats to you! I love the colors by the way :cheering:

You look FANTASTIC in that sweater. I think the fit is perfect. Comfy and still sexy. :eyebrow:

haha at least it’s still :eyebrow: sexy! I do love it!!

Oh boy I love the yarn, it’s hand dyed worsted weight. In the pics you can’t tell how beautiful the yarn really is. I still need to get some buttons.

I can’t wait to make my next poncho, but until then I need to make some more socks for some family members.

The poncho I’m about to put on the needles is a Fiber Trends pattern it will be made with the same hand dyed yarn but red and blue. Can’t wait!

The hoodie is fantastic - such a fabulous color! The soap looks very cozy!

Beautiful job!