**PICS** Cutest Baby Sweater, Lingerie and more! WIP, FO's

OK you guys asked for it here is a few finished objects and some work in progress INCLUDED is the lingerie!!

[color=blue]First is the Cutest Baby Sweater![/color]

[color=red]Second is the Cutest Baby Hat and Socks!![/color]

[color=blue]WIP Baby Hat[/color]

[color=purple]WIP Neck down V-Neck sweater for ME!![/color]

[color=gray]WIP Etrelac knitted scarf[/color]

[color=red]The lingerie!![/color]

Then today I bought another kit to make a second Cutest sweater, socks and hat in boyish colors.

:passedout: Absolutely wonderful!!! I love the baby things, the colors are great and they are the cutest!! Everything else gets a big :thumbsup:

Thank you :muah:

Your baby things made me smile!

WOW!!! Everything looks great! I love the baby items - they are adorable!

those look SO increadable
great job



those baby items are so adorable! hey! you are just down the road from me too! do you buy your yarn local or online? where did you get the baby set kit? it is great! :heart:

I got the baby kits (sweater, hat and socks all seperate kits) at my local yarn shop Fancy Image Yarn here in Shelton!!! LOVE her yarn the sweater I am making is her hand dyed DK merino. The kits are her hand dyed DK as well. Her website is located in my signature. You need to come to her store!!

those are all great! love the baby sets, and everything! and the lingerie looks HOT! (as in oooh la la!) thanks for posting them all!

ooooo :heart: everything looks so nice :teehee: So what yarn did you use for the lingerie and pattern? I would love to make one

The lingerie is a kit from White Lies Designs, there is a link to her site in my signature. It was so fun to knit and different!! Thanks for all the wonderful comments!! :muah:

Everything is terrific! That baby sweater is absolutely adorable! :heart:

Everything looks great! :slight_smile:

Wow…you’ve been a very busy knitter. Everything you’ve made looks great!

I finished the boy set but no pics. I left it at my LYS to display.

Hello, my name is Erika and I’m addicted to knitting… :happydance:

Great job! You’ve been a busy xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx