Picot hem on topdown garment

What’s the best way to do this hem when knitting topdown? Do I bind off after the last knit row and then turn up the hem and stitch? Would this be too bulky?

It depends on your yarn whether it would be bulky. One way to do this is an inch before you want to bind off, do a row of yo, k2tog, then go back to the stockinette and BO. Turn up the hem on that eyelet row and it makes picots. Another way is to do a picot BO, and here’s a couple articles that explain it -

There’s also some videos on Youtube that show it.

Thanks Suzeeq for those links.
I never knew about other bind off methods.
How did you learn this? I’m looking for a website that explains advanced knitting techniques. Are there any?

I tried doing the eyelet row, then 5 more stockinette rows and turning up the hem and hem stitching. The picot looks very nice, but the hem wants to “flip up and out”. Why did that happen?

It may depend on how and where you stitched the edge to form the hem. And with stockinette, it’s still going to curl up some. Make sure your stitching isn’t pulling it up/out, then try blocking to see if it will lie flat.

I just googled picot bind off, and those were some of the links that came up that I knew would probably have some good information. There’s an online book that’s pretty thorough: here’s the table of contents - http://www.studioknits.com/booktoc.htm