Picot edge

Thanks Salmonmac for the hat pattern. I was wondering though, what does"turning row " mean? Also, how do you do the picot edge for this- Thanks for the help! The hat is really pretty!

The turning row is the row that forms the edge of the hem. Rows 1-4 form the turned under hem. Row 5 in this pattern is the picot edge, the (yo, k2tog) repeat. When you’ve knit row 5 and then worked a few more rows, turn the hem under and the picot edge will be formed by the yo, k2tog of row 5.


It sounds funny to say “turning row”, but it comes from “turning something under” as in “turning the bed down”. It’s an idiom we don’t use much in everyday speech now, but has lingered in knitting (and posh hotels!).

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Lovely hat! I think I know someone who would like this! I have some DK yarn I’d like to use. I’ll have to do some swatching! I think it needs an even number of stitches and Round 25 can be adapted to any multiple of 2. Agreed?

Round 25 should be a number divisible by 3 (120 in the pattern). That’s so that round 63 which has a repeat of (k1,k2tog) will come out evenly around. Of course you could use just about any number for round 25 and then increase or decrease to a stitch number divisible by 3 for round 62.

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Thanks! I was thinking the two versions of round 25 were for different count numbers. I didn’t notice the “(120)” for each version!