Picot edge grandma fav. dishcloth

Picot Edgar Grandma’s fav. dishcloth pattern…

Cast on 2,
ROW 1.
BO 1, kfb
my problem is how to BO 1 at the start of row 1.

A link to the whole pattern helps -

  1. BO 1, kfb
  2. Sl1, kfb
  3. Sl1, kfb, kfb
  4. BO 1, k2, kfb
  5. BO 1, kfb, kfb, k1

K1, kfb then slip the new st back to the left needle, pass the 1st st over and slip the new st back. I put the pattern beginning up, because I couldn’t see how you would get more than 2 sts on the needle if you did that for every row. I think you should just do R 1 as k1, kfb, then R 2 as BO 1, kfb instead. That would be much easier.

I just added the entire pattern, hopefully it will be in this rreply…

Cast on 2.
What will my Row 1 be then
as the other rows start off with BO 1 also.

No, the cast on isn’t a row. I’m saying maybe CO 2, turn, k1 kfb, now you have 3 sts. Then on R2 BO, kfb, then follow the rest of the rows.

Here’s the link I forgot to add above, I hate pdf files…

Starting off with a BO 1…am I just lifting one stitch over the other stitch? I think that is what I am stuck on as usually you knit one first then start the BO. Wow, this is a tricky dishcloth. Thank you for the link also,

A BO is k2 sts then lift the first one over the next.