Picky question

I have been knitting for about a year now, and I’ve basically been learning new skills as I’ve needed them. I have wondered about this a few times before, but I decided that it really didn’t matter that much. Now I am making a pattern that states: “Begin with purl row.” O.k., if you are using a long tail cast on (or knitted CO or cable CO), I know that you have already completed one row of knitting with the CO. So, do you count the CO row? Should I use the backward loop CO when the pattern says “begin with purl row”? Or if the pattern says to “knit first three rows,” do you CO and knit two additional rows? Does it really matter? LOL


I always use the long tail cast on (unless the pattern specifies provisional or figure-8). I then follow the first row of directions.

But I’m not a picky knitter :slight_smile:

I do what Hildie does, too. I treat the cast on as it’s own entity and then begin row 1 of the pattern.

Me three with Ingrid and Hildie. I just CO and follow the pattern regardless of CO (which is long tail most of the time). I do the first row as it’s written.

Of course I cheat a lot and don’t really use a pattern or modify it beyond all recognition… :whistle:

Unlike the others, I like the ‘horizontal line’ of the LTCO to be on the RS so the next worked row is WS for me. Depending on the st patt, I start with whatever WS row would be appropriate at that point. (Depending on the repeat…)

I use LTCO for most of my projects and I do treat it as a CO and then follow directions or my mind for the very 1st row.

I happen to like the ‘beaded’ look that I get when I knit the first row after I CO. Occasionally, I don’t want the ‘beaded’ look, so I will treat the CO as a purl row.

It’s up to you… knit two small swatches - one with treating it as a CO row and one with treating it as a purl row and see which one you like.

Thanks, everyone! I have always begun the 1st row of the pattern after the CO row, but I didn’t know whether I was right or not!