Picky pants leg help

I’ve been knitting these pants using magic loop, everything has been going great up until the legs. I’m going to post some pics so you can see what I’ve done so far and can maybe point me in the direction I need to go next. Thanks!

At this point I had placed the gusset stitches on the stitch holders and both of my needles were coming out at the side of a gusset

I went ahead and finished the round (not sure if I was supposed to) and here my needles are coming out of the side of the leg.

I’m at a total standstill now :frowning:

Sorry I tried posting the pics but for some reason it wouldn’t save my resize and kept reverting to the HUGE pic so I just posted links.

ETA, Scratch the last pic, I went back and undid the last bunch of stitches to get me back to the gusset, I think I need to be there to join in the round, no? After that, I’m still stuck lol

I just knit a pair of Picky pants.

Your gusset/crotch stitches are each on stitch holders, right? You also need to put one set of leg stitches on a piece of waste yarn to hold them so that you can knit the other leg. Your needles, I think, are going through the leg stitches. Just thread a piece of waste yarn through those stitches and tie a knot until you’ve knit the other leg. Does that make sense?

Ok so basically where I’m at now I need to remove all the stitches for one leg and put them on a stitch holder? With the leg remaining on my needles can I go ahead and wotk them using magic loop or should I go ahead and get some dpns?
I cast on the two new stitches where the leg meets the gusset stitches (on the st holder)?
Do I need to do anything to join the 2 new stitches or just start knitting with them? Sorry this is so confusing and that I have so many questions! I really appreciate the help!

Yep, put all the stitches for one leg on a stitch holder or piece of waste yarn (the pattern tells you how many stitches you should have for each leg). Then prepare to knit the other leg stitches with magic loop or dpns, whichever you prefer. I simply cast on 2 stitches and then began knitting. I don’t see what else the instructions could have meant, and it worked for me. There were small holes near the sides of the gusset that were easily closed when I wove in the ends later.

I hope that helps!

Thanks so much for your help! I was on ravelry looking up picky pants and your pants were on the first page! lol

Awesome! Did you make the legs for the pants yet? :cheering:

Yep, they are done now! Woohoo! Thanks so much for your help!