Picking up sts- yarn over really close to edge, what to do?

On the lace baby sweater I’m making, I need to pick up stitches along the front cardigan edges to make the buttonband. The lace pattern I chose has a yarn over really close to the edge though. The row ends with a yo, K1. I’ve only done a few rows, but looking at it now it seems like I’ll have to pick up right in the yarn over. That can’t be right, can it??? I think I might have to add an extra stitch on that edgean decrease it sometime later on in order to accomodate the pick ups. What do you think??

I’d either add an extra stitch or two to pick up (probably 2) or you could knit the band right in. Either make a garter band on each side, or if you don’t think that would look good, make the band width in st st since that would look best, make a p line for a turning row and another band width. You could then fold it over and sew it down. You’d have to make a buttonhole on each piece of that side of the band and sew them together. I’m about to have to do this on a sweater for a double band that will be added on, so that’s where that idea came from.