Picking up sts video?

Hi all,

I was just looking at the video on how to pick up stitches on this website, and wondered about the very first step - is the new yarn (the orange) tied on to the existing yarn (the tan)? How did the working yarn get attached? There doesn’t seem to be a knot anywhere…

If anyone knows how to attach the new yarn to pick up sts I would be so grateful. Thanks in advance!

You don’t need to attach it anytime you start with a new yarn end. Many times you’re just working with the existing yarn, but if you need to start with a different one, just begin knitting, leaving a few inches for a tail to weave in later. You can pull it tighter on the next row, but it won’t come out and by the time you have a couple rows done, it may not even be loose.

Now that you explain it, it makes perfect sense! Thank you so much.

I have one more question if you or anyone can help (it’s my first pair of mittens and I’m all fluttery about it): the instructions call for “Last Row Inc to 38 sts, 4sts evenly spaced.” Does this call for increasing once every 4 sts? Ii’m not sure how to get it to 38 sts that last row…

You just space out the 4 increases. It sounds like you’re starting with 34, so you’d knit 8, inc, across the row.

Suzeeq, you are my hero. Good guesswork on the 34 sts I’m starting with! (I should have included that probably!) So, I would inc. 2 sts every 4 existing sts on the row? That would give me the even sts, I think.

I found this nifty website for calculating sts evenly spaced, but there’s a bit of seemingly unavoidable math to it.


Well if you end up with 38sts after adding 4…

No you don’t add 2 sts for every 4 - add one every 8. Evenly spaced means spread them out along the row, you don’t want them all bunched up. Knit 6, inc 1 (either m 1 or kfb in the 6th st), knit 8, inc 1, knit 8, inc 1, knit 8, inc 1 then you should have 4 sts left over, just knit them.

Wow, I was way off! I can’t thank you enough for saving me the frustration of unravelling (again). I’m terrible at math, but I suppose it’s just a matter of figuring out the details to get the job done. Thank you again and cheers!