Picking up sts from steeked edge


I just finished my first steeked project and found the whole process
to be really cool. It was a pillow cover that the center motif was made in the round with a steek and then cut and stitches picked up from around all four edges and then a border was knit in the round using mitered corners. I was instructed to pick up the sts on the steeked edge between the last pattern stitch and the first steek stitch.
I managed to do it but I am not sure how I did was correct. It left
sort of an odd “valley” between my center motif and the border knitted onto it whereas the picked up stitches from the cast on and cast off edges seem to be a much smoother join and it is quite hard to tell where exactly the pick up occurred.

The only time I’ve picked up sts it has always been right on the edge and this time there were 4 steek sts after the point of pick up. I just folded the steek “flap” back and created an edge from the first steek st and pickup my sts through that. Is that the way to do it? Any ideas?

Hope this all made sense to somebody! hehe

Libbie :slight_smile:

When I pick up steek stitches, I fold them over and pick up through the stitch lying on top, too–through both loops. I haven’t done any picking up both ways on the same piece to compare them, though.

Ok, thanks Ingrid! After looking at it I realized part of the reason the
pick up from the steeked edge is so noticeable is the border sts there are running perpendicular to the rows of the center motif so no matter how neat the pickup it will always be very obvious where it occurred!

Libbie :slight_smile: