Picking up Stitching, Diaper Cover Pattern, Help!?

:?? So I don’t consider myself to be a ‘beginner’ persay, but with this darn pattern I feel like it is my first day at the needles!

So my pattern can be found here:

It is from Finland so maybe that has something to do with why I don’t understand? (sounded like a good excuse to tell myself :rofl: )

The pattern is a wool diaper cover and I have knitted the entire thing up until this point (where I am hopelessly stuck!)

“Pick up 32(36) stitches along the leg
openings and work 6 rows in k1, p1 rib. Bind
off loosely.”

Now I chose this pattern becuase it was spelled out in black and white and so very easy to understand! And when i came to this point I felt like I knew what it was asking… until I picked the needles up and realized… not so much :??

I have worked one pattern where I have had to pick up stitches before (though I believe I did that wrong so I wont count that :wink: ). I am unsure as to
A. HOW to pick up these stitches?
B. WHERE to pick up these stitches? (what row?)
C… I am sure there is more but I just don’t know how to put it into words :aww:

I am sure this is problem a wicked easy pattern for someone at a higher level than me and you can probably explain it in like 2 seconds and just make my day :woot:

PLEASE if anyone can tell me what to do so I can finish this diaper cover (BEFORE my daughter is born :thumbsup: ) I would be forever greatful :muah:

Basically you’re going to make the ki, p1 rib that you see in the left drawing around the leg opening. The pattern has you do this before the front seams are stitched together so that you can knit it back and forth in the flat (but you could also join the front two seams and pick up in the round for the ribbing around the legs). You’re going to pick up along the line of bold double dots ([B]…[/B]) that mark the increases or decreases, then along the crotch and again up the line of double dots on the back of the cover.
There’s a video under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Tips, Picking up stitches if you want to see an easy way to do this. Usually you would pick up along the edge or one row in from the edge.

I looks like you’re working up an edging for the leg openings. You can see how to pick up stitches here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/video/play/pick-up-and-knit-stitches

To work them evenly around the edge, roughly divide the opening into 4ths and put 8 (or 9) stitches in each section. It’s ok if you skip some of the knitted stitches in order to pick up the right number of stitches. It will pull in the leg openings.

Good luck!

Thank you for your replies! :happydance:

I am sooooo scared to ruin this pattern/diaper cover after putting 4 hours into it! So I appologize for all my questions.

So… of course… I still have questions, I guess what I am wondering is, when you look at the illustration on the first page it shows what appears to be rougly a 2 or so inch cuff and it seemed to me that a row of 32 stitches would be much larger than that? and I think it is asking me to pickup a row of 32 K1, P1 stitches and knit them starting at the (…) decrease and ending at the (…) increase? If that is the case how do you attach each row to the newly formed pickup stitches?.. Is that right? Or do you pickup one stitch at the first (…) decrease row then stitch another on the second (…) decrease row and the third stitch on the third (…) decrease row? And if so, there is only 24 rows from start (…) decrease to (…) increase, so how would that be picking up 32 stitches?

Do my questions make sense?

i am so sorry if I am just making a fool of myself with my questions being wierd :aww: … Just pretend like you are explaining it to someone who has NEVER knitted before, ever (even though I have :teehee: )

The new sts are picked up along the edge as you say. When you’re finished picking up, you’ll have 32sts (more or less) on your needle. Those are the sts that you begin working in k1,p1 rib so you don’t have to attach them to anything. They’re attached when you pick them up. Take a look at the video on picking up sts and you’ll see how that works.
32sts in k1p1 ribbing is going to pull in and be tighter than sts in stockinette so 32 may be ok. If it seems like too many, pick up fewer sts for the leg opening. The idea is to make the opening snug up on the baby’s leg and not be loose or ruffley.

First, what an awesome pattern! I wish I’d had these when my daughter was a baby.:inlove:

To answer in order:

A. Watch the video Ingrid recommends. :slight_smile:
B. When you look at the diagram for the diaper, the dots point the way for you. Pick up a stitch per dot, and for the crotch edge, pick up one st per row, either 12 or 14 depending on the size you’re making.

Good luck and congratulations on the new baby!:muah:

I noticed that this pattern requires you to use roving. This is not the same as yarn. Is roving what you’re using? If you’re using something else, it will affect your gauge and the fit of the pants. Also the absorbency qualities. Just thought I’d point that out.

It did say that relatively untreated 100% wool could be substituted as long as gauge is met. I’m all about yarn substitutions. :wink: