Picking Up Stitches

So I finally finished this cabled table runner, I want it to be wider, so I want to add a different color border to the already finished piece. I’ve heard the best way to do this is to “pick up stitches” but when I tried, it was pulling the work together. What caused that? Since it’s cabled, will I have a different ratio? I was just picking up a stitch on every row for stockinette- I am only going out a couple rows.

If you are picking up sts all the way around the runner, you will have to accomodate for guage differences. Picking up along the CO/BO edges, will be different than picking up along the sides.

Work a swatch in whatever pattern it is you want to make the border in. Determine your guage. Then measure the lengths of each of the four edges (or just two as the two sides and two ends will be the same) and figure out how many sts you need to pick up to cover that distance in your desired stitch. Then pick up the sts and knit on!

On the BO and CO edges you pick up stitch for stitch, but along the side edges it’s more like 3 sts for every 4, or 2 for every 3 because st and row gauge aren’t equal.

I may just do it in small pieces and keep all that in mind because i started making a swatch and one of my babies ran off with my only cable needle and i cant find it sigh and I also just finished this whole runner in the same stitch and i am sooo tired of it, so i wasn’t excited to make a swatch anyway… hah… if i do it small, it won’t be that much to hem the pieces together… might be a little sloppy but thats my signature move anyway hahaha :wink: this looks like the 3 to 4 would probably work and my edges are not very defined anyway. im not the greatest knitter…

It’s unusual that picking up a stitch per row would cause the runner to pull in. I would expect that ratio of sts to rows to cause a ruffle. Are you using the same size needle for the edge as was used for the runner? Or are you possibly pulling the yarn too tightly when you pick up sts so that the tension increases and the edge pulls in? If you’d like, there’s a video of picking up stitches under the Free Videos tab at the top of this page, Tips.