Picking up stitches

I am making the duck blanket by Bernat. It says to pick up 124 stitches on the side to do a ten row garter stitch border. I have more rows than that. Do I just pick up one in every row. I am not too worried that it will be bigger since it is kind of small and I am using a no dye lot yarn so getting more is not a problem but I didn’t know if I should skip some of the stitches or go ahead and pick them all up.

I would pick them all up!

I wouldn’t pick them all up, on the sides of the blanket. There is a difference in size between vertical stitches and horizontal ones. When you pick up the edge of a cardigan front, for example, you’re supposed to pick up 3 out of 4 so the band isn’t longer and sag. If you pick up every stitch of the blanket, it won’t lie flat. Estimate how many rows you have and subtract 124 from that so you know how many stitches you need to skip.