Picking up stitches

Hi there,

I am attempting to finish my first sweater (children’s) and the pattern calls for me to pick up stitches from back left stitch holder. I’ve never done this before. What is the easiest way to do this? Does it mean to slide them onto the needle or actually knit these stitches? Does anyone know if there is a diagram or video to show how to do this? I have read lots of info, but still don’t get it. Does pick up mean knit up? I know how to pick up stitches from the neckline but not from a stitch holder. Sorry for the long post, but if anyone could help me , it would be greatly appreciated.:wall:

You can slide them onto a needle and then knit them. It’s not a biggie. You could even just slide them on the needle without knitting them. Knitting them helps to connect to the next stitches, though.

You can either knit right off the holder, or transfer them to a needle.