Picking up stitches

So i’m here at work and im bored so im going thru all Amy’s video’s just for fun. I went into the “Picking up stitches” video and LOVE The way she does it!!! The way i was shown to do it years ago was to just stick your needle thru any loop you could find and then use that as your stitches. This is messy and very very tight and hard to work. So i totally understand how she is picking up the stitches and i just have two questions:

  1. Is this the same as a method i once heard of called “invisibly pick up stitches” (or something like that) or is this the only method there is to pick up stitches?
  2. Can i use this method when i make my thumb on my mitts? And if yes how would i do it because i see Amy has a strand of working yarn already available (like as if your knitting socks) but when you start the thumb off of the thumb gusset you have to JOIN a new strand of yarn. So how could you use this method for the thumb while adding a new strand of yarn at the same time???
    :cheering:I’m so excited to learn a better techniques!! i hope my question makes sence!:woot:

I don’t know if this is called “invisible pick up” or not, but it may. It is also referred to as “pick up and knit” sometimes. I wouldn’t say one way is the only way to do anything in knitting. :slight_smile: I know you can pick up from left to right as well, but used to think that was impossible. LOL

Do you pick up stitches for your mitten thumb? Is so this will work. If you don’t have a piece of yarn where you will pick up stitches, just hold your new strand of yarn behind the piece you are picking up from and when you stick the right hand needle into the stitch, just pick up that new strand and keep going from there.

Happy knitting.

I have this site bookmarked, too.