Picking up Stitches

I figured out how to pick up stitches, and can do it with a little difficulty. However, I find that the stitches i pick up are not very nice looking.

In my pattern i have to pick up stitches on the right side knit across to the left side and pick up stitches down the left side.

My stitched up the right side are nice but my stitches on the left side look really messy.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can make them look neater?

I don’t want to work on my good piece until my practice pieces look nice.

:?? I can’t really imagine why they look good on one side and not the other.

I can’t figure it out either. this weekend i think i’ll give it another go. Perhaps I need a bigger crochet needle?

I always pick up with my needle rather than a crochet hook, but I’m not sure what difference it would make.

When I pick up stitches for socks, I always twist them, it makes them tighter. I am not sure what I do for other projects (can you tell I’ve been obsessively knitting socks lately!)

Maybe you twisted on one side and not the other?

dizbub… I’m curious what item you are making as your last description sounded like you could have used circs to make a tube (tho that may be a wrong interpretation of you saying right to left). Perhaps you meant across the top of a finished co row.

The one reason I can think of as to why you are doing differently on one side than the other is different orientation. Are you needing to effectively work in the opposite direction that you were working on the other side? This shouldn’t make a difference but a few times I’ve had to actually turn an item all the way round to orient the way that feels natural for me. If you’ve found the left side feels a little awkward for you compared to the right side I suspect this may be the issue. Otherwise, like the others, I have no idea as such. I assume the stitches on the lift are the same as the ones on the right?

I would also use your knitting needle to pick up stitches given you are knitting and not crocheting although it may not make any difference as such.

I note you are using a practice piece btw which is great! :yay:


I am knitting a baby layette which includes leginettes. basically a pair of pants with feet at the bottom. Thanks to this site i found out how to knit a really confusing part, put my picking up stitches is not working very well.

I finally figured out the sweater pattern after having to do a few quick manouvers on the back. I got the left side right and the pattern that was giving me the most trouble is absolutely beautiful - it doesn’t look anything like the back though. But as this is something i started to reduce stress and provide me with something to do in the evening i might go back and give the back another try with what i learned on the front!!!

I will be back for help on the collar though. I might practice on a sample first. It would be nice to figure something out on my own!! :slight_smile: