Picking up stitches

Help, I am a relatively new knitter. I have knit the base of a purse and have picked up the required stitches on 3 of the sides. How do I pick up the 48 stitches on the final side when those stitches are still looped over the circular needle. Thanks

since they are already on your needle, you don’t have to pick them up, now you just start knitting them.

If I simply knit those stitches I don’t get a defined edge as on the other 3 sides. (forgot to mention that) Betsy

[color=indigo]You won’t. Because it’s just a continuation of your knitting. If you want that edge, BO your last row. Leave the last st on your needle. With the RS of the fabric facing you, begin picking up all the sts. You will pick up the BO row last and end up at the last st you’d left on your needle. Then begin knitting in the round.[/color]

That makes sense. Unfortunately I didn’t BO before picking up stitches on the other 3 sides. Now my final side is stuck on the needle with no way to BO.

You can take a crochet hook, or just another needle, and starting at the right side, do a BO by pulling the 2nd st through the first, all the way across. Then you can pick up on those stitches you just bound off.