Picking up stitches

I am working on a sweater with lace inset in the front. I have to pu stitches on the left front and knit the lace pattern. When I look at the pattern it looks different if you hold it upside down. So when i pu stitches along the right front, if I dont start at the shoulder edge where i started the other side the pattern will look different. How can you pu stitches the other way. That would mean I would have my needle on the left and pu going right. Would that work or not? :?? or should I just start to pu on the right front at the chest and work my way up to the shoulder so that the pu stitches is going from right to left? Or will no one notice that the lace pattern is a little differnt from on side to the next? :teehee:

You can pick up the stitches on the right front from the shoulder down. Hold the sweater so that the edge is nearest you and the armhole is away from you.

I am so embarrassed I could not figure that out. :oops: I was looking at it one way(tunnel vision). It makes perfect sense. Thank you so much. :muah:

Ingrid, I don’t what I am doing wrong but I am trying to pick up the sts on the right front of my sweater starting at the shoulder going down the front but in order to do that I have to pu with the WS showing. I picked up on the other side with the RS showing so the ridge is on the WS. What am I doing wrong?

Can you p/u stitches along the left, then up the right front? I don’t think any of the pattern will be upside down because you’re knitting from the neck edge out on both sides.


If you do really need to pick up from the shoulder down, you don’t have to work on the wrong side. You just have to work from right to left. Put the sweater in your lap with the neck edge toward you. It won’t be as easy to pick up the stitches because it’s nice to have that fabric to hold on to, but you will be able to pu down the right side with the right side facing.

Ingrid, I don’t even know if I can explain myself of what is happening with the collar but I will try. When I did the left front I pu sts starting at the shoulder and worked down. Therefore, my next row was a purl row but I have a lace pattern to follow so I purled a row so that the lace was starting on the RS. So, my lace pattern started row one at the shoulder. If I look at my pattern on the left side it has yo that look like upside down v’s. So if I don’t start my right front ,row one at the shoulder then it will look different from the left side. If I pu sts starting at the shoulder on the right front and go down turn the work my first row is row one but I am starting at the neck edge. If I pu sts starting at the neck edge and go up to the shoulder my first row is a purl so when I turn my work again to knit my first row is starting at the neck again. What I am saying is no matter which way I pu sts my first row is starting at the neck edge. Is that just the nature of the beast? Does that mean I should just give up and pu sts starting at the neck edge go up and then purl one row then start my lace pattern? Hopefully no one will notice the two sides are a little different. :oops: Am I just trying too hard? I just thought that they would make a lace pattern that would look the same no matter which way you looked at it. Any suggestions? :wall:

Do the instructions say to pick up first the left side, and later the right side and you join them together somehow? :?? Most patterns I’ve seen have you pick up going down the left and back up the right all in one go.


Maybe you can pick up stitches whichever way is easiest on a circular needle and then reattach your yarn and start working from whichever end would work best for your pattern?

My pattern says right collar: pick up 58sts on smaller needles along left neck edge and knit approx 12cm of pattern 2 see instruction above, put all sts on a st holder. Left collar" knit the same as the right collar. sew shoulder seams. right button band and neckband.they have me pu sts on right buttonband and then the sts on the holder. here is my pattern http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=74&d_id=21&lang=us
I think Ingrid is right that I will probably have to pu the sts break the yarn and then join it to make sure the pattern starts at the same end as the other side.
Another question. Should I stop pattern2 (the lace) on the wrong side so when i pu sts from the holder i will be on the RS?

Do you think K2tog, yo is a good buttonhole for this sweater?

I am so close to finishing this sweater but this fiddly stuff is confusing me. :oops: My next sweater is a easy one. :happydance:

Should I stop pattern2 (the lace) on the wrong side so when i pu sts from the holder i will be on the RS?

When I have stitches on a holder, the yarn is cut, so you can really pick them up off the holder in whatever direction you like.

The buttonhole depends on the size button you want. :shrug:

thanks Ingrid for all your help :muah: