Picking up stitches

I’m picking up stitches along the front edges of a cardigan. I need to pick up 105 stitches along a piece that has about 140 rows, so if I pick up on every other selvage stitch (that loose loop that’s easy to pick up) I obviously get only 70 stitches. Therefore for the extra stitches that I need, I’m sticking the needle into that bumpy part of the selvage (I hope this is clear) that’s not as easy to get the needle into. Know where I mean?

Anyway, I’m wondering now, is it better to do a kfb into some of those loose selvage stitches to get an extra stitch instead of struggling with the bumpy loops?

(Did that make sense?)

Any tips on picking up stitches would be appreciated.

You want to pick up 3, skip one all along the edge. I don’t think increasing would work as well, since your edge might look bunched up. If it’s easier to go in a row to pick up stitches, then you can do that.