Picking up stitches

how do i pick up the right number of stitches on my selvage edge? i only have 1/2 the number of stitches on the edge than i need since i did the chain selvage edge.
i looked at the video on this site, but it’s in st stitch and i’m in garter, so the “hole” between selvage stitches isnt the same.

When I pick up on garter edge, you will see bumps and smooth spaces. I pick up in the smooth space. If you need me to elaborate on that, let me know.

oops - i wasnt clear enough. my edges were made by slipping purl-wise at the beginning of each row and knit the last stitch of each row, so it’s not the normal garter stitch edge. i read that this was easier to pick up stitches, but i need two per available stitch due to the slipped stitches.

could i pick up a stitch, yo, pick up, yo, etc?

That will leave holes, so you could do another type of increase. Usually for picking up stitches it’s not 1 st per row, but 3 for every 4 rows, or 2 for every 3 rows.


this is for a felted bag and it says to pick up the same number of stitches as there are rows. but i did a chain selvage edge, so i dont know how to go about it.

Okay, if it’s felted the holes won’t show. If you have to pick up for every row, you don’t need the chain stitch edge.