Picking up stitches

I have a pattern where I am supposed to pick up stitches- I get that, but I was told by someone who is an expert knitter that I should actually knit the stitch I picked up before picking up the next stitch. I don’t know how to do that- any advice or videos?

Also, I finally figured out how to do that buttonhole (from the video, then I followed the directions on the pattern and it turned out great!)

I applaud your persistence with the buttonhole. The one-row buttonhole really is a much neater looking one. So happy that you got it to work.
Here’s a video for pick up or pick up and knit. Often the 2 terms are applied to the same process.

Thank you for asking that question. I came across a pattern that calls for picking up stitches. I was picturing how to do it. Now I know how. You question helped me.

If the expert knitter meant other than in the video then I want to know how to do it too.
I find that my picked up stitches are always loose and need tightening up. I usually use a smaller needle if there are more than a few of them so that the stitches I pick up start smaller.

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So I get the picking up thing now, but I have a rather obvious hole (where I cast on some extra stitches from previous) So when I pick up the stitches, will I be able to cover that?

You could try picking up on either side of the hole and see if that will close it up. I find that picked up sts don’t have to be precisely even. Skipping a stitch or two isn’t really noticeable.
Knitting and yarn look lovely.

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