Picking up stitches question!

I was watching the video and I can’t tell where the orange yarn is coming from. Do you just start using it like if you were changing colors? I am adding a border to something that is already knitted.

Jan, this is just a contrasting color yarn that Amy was using in another video where she was demo-ing the mattress st & it’s left over from the mattress st that she had demonstrated. You just begin picking up sts with the new yarn @ the point where u want the border to begin, just make sure u have a long enough tail to weave in when u are done. Helpful?!

That’s what I needed to know! Thank you! I’ll show you all when I’m done. :smiley: :XX:

YAY, I sure hope u do…we LIVE to see things around here :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: …AND
[color=orange][size=7]HAPPY THANKSGIVING[/size][/color]