Picking up stitches query

Hi everyone, need some help please!
I am knitting a cardi and am onto picking up stitches for the left and right front borders. The edge is curved and the pattern asks me to pick up 70 stitches from the curved edge (where I was increasing when making the piece). The problem is, this curved part is only 35 rows long. How do I pick up twice as many stitches as there are on the needle in the first place?

It’s not really twice as many sts as are on the needle, it’s really twice as many sts as there are rows, right?
Picking up 2sts for every row is a lot. It will make a somewhat ruffled edge if you continue with the 70sts for the rest of the front border. One way to do it is to pick up one st per row and on the next row, increase one in each st.
Can you post a picture of the sweater or a link to the pattern?

Usually when you pick up, you do it through both strands of the edge st, but if you need to pick up 2 sts for every one, do it in each strand.

Yes you’re right, it’s twice as many stitches as there are rows. I think it might work out ok as the edge is quite curved, so the pattern is trying to account for this. It does seem a little strange though!

Thanks suzeeq, I will have a go on the other border and see how I get on!

Here is a link to what I am trying to make:

OK, that helps. The curve and the fact that the border flips back as a kind of collar will probably take up the extra sts. Very nice sweater.