Picking up stitches on wine cozy

Can anyone help me with this please? Here’s the pattern I’m using: http://knitty.com/issuewinter04/pattwinecozy.html

I’m at the part, “Form Ridge”…and I’m totally lost! I’ve watched Amy’s videos on picking up stitches and have read the article she recommends, but I’m still confused. Is there anyone out there who can explain this to me in more detail please? Thanks!

This might help. I had a big problem the first time I needed to pick up stitches… here is the posting on it


This ridge isn’t exactly “picking up stitches”… I mean, it is, but not really what Amy describes. This is a special technique for this pattern to create that lip around the bottom of the jar.

Ok, you should be looking at the wrong side of the knitted fabric… the side with the purl bumps on it.

Look at the first stitch on your left needle, then count the purl bumps going down from there. Pick up the 6th bump by inserting your needle into it from bottom to top. (The pattern says to use your left needle, but it will be easier to pick it up with your right and move it to the left.)

Pull that stitch up and put in on your left needle. Then purl the original first stitch on your needle and that new picked up stitch together as one.

Hope this helps. If not, I’ll try to go into more detail! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Your explanation made this much clearer, and I’m now happily back on track! :cheering:

Yay! You’re very welcome! :slight_smile:

I am making this as well and I emailed Jennifer the pattern … and is very happy to email me back so if you have anymore QUESTION let her know she was very happy that I emailed her and asked for help so if you still need help she will send you step by step … Thank you and let me know how your turned out mine is VERY nice and wonderfull Mothers day gifts Jenifer :XX: :oops: