Picking up stitches on neckline for hood

I am starting on the hood part of a raglan sleeve sweater. Pattern says to pick up and K16 stitches between the two stitch holders. There are a lot more than 16 stitches between the two holders. Have I done something wrong? I have tried to show the distance between neck stitch holder with 10 stitches on it and sleeve stitch holder with 7 stitches on it.

How many sts do you have between the st holders?

It’s hard to count but I think there are 48 stitches from the holder that has 10 stitches (front centre) to where I worked even to three stitches remaining then knitted them together and fastened off. This is where (if the sleeve was sewn on) the sleeve stitch holder is. It’s hard to count because there were a series of bind off stitches after the first stitch holder and then the regular raglan decrease ends to the fastened off point. I hope that makes sense.

A link to the pattern would help. Just copy/paste the url in the reply box is the easiest way.

I am thinking that maybe when I was working on the front shaping the raglan I may have not done the dec row 2 for the larger size. With dividing the neck and working the sides separately I’m not sure how I would have done that.

Recheck that you didn’t do anything major to alter the shape of the neckline but it’s not unusual to have to pick up sts over a larger number of rows or stitches. The general rule for picking up sts along rows of stockinette is 3 sts for every 4 rows but you can pick up fewer sts if that’s what your pattern calls for.

You may need to pick up one stitch for about every 3 stitches or rows along the neck edge. Easiest way to do this is to fold the edge in half and mark the middle with a safety pin or marker, then divide the halves in half. You now have 4 sections in which to pick up 4 stitches each. The sts don’t even have to be precisely evenly picked up. You might also pick up more sts and decrease on the next row.

That is exactly how I tackle this problem myself

Thank you every one. I can do that and see how it looks. Since it is the front neckline I want it to look finished and even. Barring that, could I pull the front 30 rows out and do additional decrease rows as long as it still matches up to the back? I might have a bit of wiggle room there.

You will change the shape if you do that. The raglan decreases have to match the sleeves as well as the length of the back The neck decreases give you the shape that you need to fit. If you shorten that substantially, the sweater won’t fit well.
Picking up sts seems like more of a problem than it is. It works out very nicely and doesn’t have to be precisely even to the last stitch. Trust the pattern.

Sounds like good words of wisdom. I will trust the pattern. Thanks so

see very pinks , cardigan video, explains picking up stitches, where you yo where you can’t see a ‘purl/bump’ back

So I took Salmonmac’s advice and trusted the pattern. It worked out beautifully. I still am knitting the hood but the neckline looks really good. Thank you for your wisdom and the time you take to help us learners. Knowing you are there makes me brave :yum:

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Good for you! By all means, be brave.

This is what the finished sweater looks like. I learned so much on this project. It’s not perfect but I am happy for my first adult sweater attempt. I don’t know how people finished these projects without this forum and you tube videos. I added fingerless mitts and a cable ear warmer to use up the last of the yarn. Thanks again for getting me through the confusing pieces!

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