Picking Up Stitches on circular needle

I started making a felted tote bag last night. It calls for circular needles only. So, I did my cast on and the 20 rows, and now the pattern says to pick up stiches, 20 from both sides and 40 from the bottom of the rectangle. I’m having trouble figuring out how to do this on the circular needle. I’ve watched videos and I am pretty sure I can do the picking up, just not sure where to start!! Can anyone help???

Sounds similar to a felted bag pattern I did not too long ago. You are going to just knit your last row & then start picking up along that side edge, continue along your bottom edge & then back up the side edge. At this point you should be back to your starting point. My pattern called for markers at each corner. Once you are back to the starting edge you should, if your pattern calls for it, just continue to knit for however many inches it calls for in the round. Does this sound like your pattern instructions? :think:

Where in GA are you from?

Hey!! I live in Kennesaw!! That does sound similar to my pattern. So, when I finish the last knit stitch for the bottom, I start on that side?? With the other needle?? I’m such a visual learner, so I’m having trouble seeing it and I haven’t been able to find any videos showing this step, only picking up stitches from a section that’s been bound off!! Thanks for the help!! I’ll let you know if I figure it out :slight_smile:

Depending on the length of your circ, you might want to put a point protector, or similar, on the far end so that as you add/PU sts the ones at the far end don’t slip off. If you PU using a crochet hook, insert it where you will pull up a loop of yarn (ie if you need to pick up 40 sts on the short side determine where those 40 places will be), then place that loop on the ndl with the other sts. You’ll continue adding to them until you’ve PU on the 3 sides. Three sides PU + your worked side = all 4 sides…and your bag will look much like an ellipse, most likely, at this point.

Just start with the needle that has sts on it from the last row you did on the bottom. It may help if you push them away from the tip and loop the cord a bit so you can turn the corner to begin picking up down the side edge. After about 4 or 5, you can take the loop out and fold up the bottom piece to continue picking up.

Which part of Kennesaw are you in? I am actually Dallas Hwy area even though we have a Powder Springs address. A girl friend & I usually meet on Monday nights at either Daily Grind Coffee house on Due West Rd or the Barnes & Nobles in the West Cobb Avenue to knit once a week with another knitter.

Were you able to figure out how to pick up those stitches for the sides of the bag?

Give me a pm if you need help & maybe we could meet up. jpenguin@bellsouth.net