Picking Up Stitches in a Pattern

I’m working on a hat pattern. It’s my first time using a pattern, but it’s SUPER basic. The trouble is, I cast on 64 stitches and noticed a few rows ago that I had 71.

I noticed that the extra stitches are happening because of this:

The pattern calls for two rows to alternate - the first row is “knit 3, purl to the last three stitches, knit three.” The second row is just knitting across. I’m noticing that I’m picking up stitches when I go to knit the second row at the third stitch on either end (in other words, the “knit 3” of the first row).

It doesn’t say anywhere in the pattern that this SHOULD be happening and I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t. I’ve dropped a few stitches so I’m back to 64, but does anyone have any insight into how to avoid picking them up in the first place? I know it has something to do with knitting those stitches right between where I knit and purled on the first row.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Look at the stickyMysterious Extra Stitches. Since the edges are garter stitch, you might be getting them when you start a row. If the yarn is over the top of the needle it pulls up the edge st and the 2 legs look like separate stitches. The other place could be when you transition from the knit to purl sts or purl to knit on the WS rows; make sure you bring the yarn between the needles and not over the top.