Picking up stitches from the middle of panel not an edge?

This is my first post here, so first of all I will say Hello to everyone :waving:

What a great site this is! I have only been knitting for about 2 months and have been lurking here for most of that time, watching all of Amy’s video tutorials, which have been invaluable and reading the posts here. I am already planning my 6th project :happydance:

So anyway to my question… I am knitting a scarf that has ruffles and I need to pick up stitches from the middle of a panel rather than at the edge. All of the tutorials I have found online demonstrate how to pick up from an edge of some kind, but I have found nothing to help me.

Can anyone here either explain to me how to do it or perhaps point me to where I can find out.

This is the pattern for the scarf I am making… http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall03/PATTlatifa.html

Thanks in advance for your help.

You will be holding your working yarn at the back of the scarf, then insert your needle through the middle of the first stitch to the back of the scarf, wrap the working yarn around the needle and pull a loop through to the front. Then insert your needle through the middle of the second stitch to the back, wrap yarn and pull a loop through. You will repeat all the way across until you have 33 stitches picked up and then you will proceed with the ruffle instructions.

That is what I guessed, but when I tried it I was thrown by the working yarn being at the back. and thought I had done it wrong. I guess when I get to the end of the row it won’t matter.

Thanks for the fast response!

If you fold the scarf along the line/row where you’ll be picking up the stitches, that may make it easier. The “bumps” will pop up a bit, making it easier to see where you want to pick up the stitches.

Good Luck! It’s a cute scarf.


Thanks Ladies.

I guessed that was how you did it, but when I gave it a try, I was thrown by the fact that the working yarn was on the back. I guess by the time I get to the edge, it won’t matter.