Picking up stitches for Oregon Tote

I working the Oregon Tote pattern and have a question regarding picking up stitches. I’ve worked the base. I’m ready to “pick up and knit 20 stitches on the left-hand side”. One needle is at the top of the row of stitches and is holding the yarn. How do I “pickup and knit”??? Do I pick up the stitch with the other needle and then knit? Do I pick up all the stitches and then knit? Do I use the needle sitting at the top of the row to pick up the stitches? If so, how do I "knit’ them? I’m very confused. I watched the video and can understand the “pickup” part. However, it’s the "knit"part and “which needle is doing what” part that’s giving me fits! Any help is greatly appreciated.


‘Pick up’ and ‘pick up and knit’ are the same in this case. They’re often used interchangeably. Use the needle that has the stitches on it (I assume it’s a circular) and start with the left edge as you look at it. Use the tip of your needle and work down that side and around, pulling through the yarn as you go.

Thanks for the help. However, I’m still confused. The pattern says to pickup and knit 20 stitches, then 40 stitches, another 20 and then knit the original 40 that remained on the needles. If I pick up the all stitches and then knit, won’t the piece be lop-sided? Also, the yarn will be in the wrong place to start knitting. Do I break the yarn? I’m sure that I’m missing something really simple.

The other item that’s confusing (at least to me) in the directions is the statement that a marker of a different color needs to be placed on the needle before the first stitch is picked up. If I pick up the stitches first, wouldn’t be the marker be the end of the round and not the beginning?

Sorry to be so totally confused…


You bring the yarn around with you so it will never be in the wrong place. Right now it is on the tip of your right needle, and as you pick up the stitches, you’re picking them up with that tip. When you finish picking up the stitches on the second set of 20, you’ll then, I imagine, knit across the original 40 with the tip you’ve been using and the other end of the circular needle.

As for the marker, the end of the round and the beginning of the round are at the same spot.

Nothing will be lopsided. Just follow the directions and you’ll be fine. :wink: