Picking up stitches for mitten flap

I’m trying to make some convertible mittens and I’m kind of stuck on this part.

Flap: Cast on 18 sts to an empty dpn or the cable needle (if magic-looping). With same needle, and the mitten back facing you, wrist ribbing at the bottom, pick up and knit a stitch in 20 purl bumps on the back of the hand. Join and arrange these 38 sts to work in the round, 18 free sts, 20 sts on the mitten back.

I’m actually working with 33 stitches in total, so I cast on 16, and I’m preparing to pick up 17 stitches from the back of the mitten. I’m stuck on how to do this though. Do I take the working yarn from the cast on, and start knitting the stitches as I’m picking them up? I tried that, but it feels weird, and I would end up with the working yarn in the middle of the picked up stitches and the cast on stitches, so how would I join to work in the round? Or should I pick up the stitches first, then cast on? I’m so confused!

There’s a video for picking up stitches in the tips section of the videos. Maybe if you see how to do it it’ll be easier.

Well I know how to pick up stitches in general, I’m just not sure about this particular instance. Do I pick them up after the cast on, then join in the round, and start knitting? Or do I cast on, and knit each stitch as I pick it up?

Okay, in this case I think you pick them up and knit them as you go across the mitten back. That way your working yarn will be in the right place to join for working in the round.

I just looked at the pattern that I did. In my pattern you pick up the stitches across the back of the hand first then knit them. Then you cast on the stitches for the palm side and join. Just different ways of doing it. If you want to look at the pattern -

That’s exactly what I was thinking after I put down my knitting and pondered for a bit! Thanks for the help!

I liked the Urban Necessity Mitts because the flap stays back pretty well on it’s own. My daughter didn’t want a button that could catch on things. What I’d like to do is figure out a good way to disguise that spot on the back of the mitt where you pick up the stitches. I’m thinking stripy or patterned yarn would help, but maybe some decorative stitches on the mitt back would work, too. :think:

Ooh, then I am in luck because I’m using multi-colored yarn!

That should come out great!

Thanks! :slight_smile: I’m pretty happy with them so far.

Oooo pretty! :inlove:

Oh, I like that. Pretty.

Go to YouTube and look up “Glommit Mitten Flap.”