Picking up stitches for button band

I need help!! I have followed the advise of many (for the first time!) and have slipped my first stitches onto the right needle for a cleaner, flatter edge to my work. It does work great, BUT… since I’m basically knitting only every-other stitch on the last stitch, I don’t haven enough knit stitches along the edge of a sweater to pick up 47 stitches for the button band!! How do I remedy this? Am I able to slip only if it’s not on an edge that stitches will later be picked up on? Please asvise asap, I’m just about finished with the sweater, but am now stuck!! Thanks in advance, Val

You don’t need to slip an edge that that is going to be picked up for a button band or seamed since it won’t be seen anyway. Since you’ve already done it I’d just fudge the pickup and find a spot will look good in between the regular stitches.

BTW… not sure what pattern or style you’re doing, but usually you don’t pick up every stitch anyway. What does the pattern say?

Right, slipping the first st on an edge that’s going to be seamed or picked up from isn’t a good idea in spite of what the pattern says (you don’t have to follow them exactly). The slipped st spans 2 rows so if you have to pick up 2 sts for every 3 rows, or 3 for every 4, it’s a little tough to do. If your main sweater is garter you’d pick up a stitch in every other row and that won’t be so difficult with your slipped st edge.

Most patterns don’t tell you to slip the first st, but there are [I]people [/I]who will tell you to. I never do it unless the edge is going to be untouched, as in a scarf. One exception is like Sue said, sometimes with garter stitch it works quite nicely. The Einstein Jacket (all garter) told you to slip the first stitch, and although I can’t remember exactly what I had to do with them after that, it worked like a charm. If the pattern tells you to do it, assess whether it is really a good idea (it often is), otherwise don’t.