Picking up stitches...again!

I am having major problems picking up stitches using circular needles. First, I used the circular needles to knit a rectangle in garter stitch, just like I would on regular old straight needles. Now I’m trying to make my way around the rectangle and pick up the stitches…as you’ll see in my picture, I am having problems!!! :?

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…when I was finished, there was basically a big tangled mess of yarn and needle!

Oh dear! :??

Any help would be appreciated!

(And feel free to laugh at my picture…even I’m not sure how it turned out like this! :slight_smile: )

Looks like it’s bunching up like that because you’re trying to go around the other 3 sides of your rectangle/square with just one needle. You can try to use a couple of spare needles while you pick up around your edges, and then join them circularly afterwards (only if your pattern tells you to join your knitting in the round!).

Don’t worry, stuff like this happens when you’re learning!

Oh, P.S. it helps if you turn your needle around so that the cable isn’t crossing itself, too.

Thanks, foldedbird! So, just to clarify: I could leave the rectangle garter stitch piece on the circs, then use spare needles (say, one on each side) to pick up the stitches, THEN just knit those stitches on the spare needles back onto the circular needles? Is that right? The pattern does call for me to knit it in the round eventually.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yep, it looks like you used the wrong end of the needle to pick up the stitches. Rip out the ones you picked up, then go to the needle that has the yarn leading from it. Scoot the stitches down the cable so you’ve got some room to work, then begin to pick up stitches right next to last stitch you made on the g st part. After 5 or 6, push the stitches together and even them out so you don’t have a big gap between the old one and the new ones you picked up, then continue to pick up around the garter st piece.


Exactly what Sue said. :cheering:

Okay, I think I’ve got it now…is this what it’s supposed to look like? :pray:

That looks WAY better! I think you did it! :cheering: :cheering:

:happydancing: :happydancing: :happydancing: :thumbsup:

THANKS SO MUCH for your help!!!


You’re welcome :). Whatcha makin, anyway?

Well…(you’re gonna laugh!) Eventually I’m going to be making a booga bag! But so far I’ve only knit scarves and other straight things. So before I use the “good” yarn and make mistakes, I was practicing the technique of picking up the stitches! (And it’s a good thing I practiced, obviously!!)

So now that I think I’ve got it, hopefully I can get started with the real thing!!

Thanks again! :smiley:

I am NOT going to laugh, I’m going to :cheering: you for being smart about it! It’s a great idea to practice new techniques before you do them “officially”, its really the best way I think.

I use a crochet hook, and pull the new stitch through. Then I put that yarn on the other end of the circular, and knit a stitch onto the needle with the rectangle. That way you have knit a row and picked up the stitches at the same time. I hope this makes sense.

Yep, you got it!!! I figured it was a booga bag because I thought I recognized the pattern. You’re not the only one who’s posted the same question wondering how to do it… :slight_smile:


So glad someone else is asking these questions too, as I just started mine.

Letah: Love the avatar!