picking up stitches after heel flap on socks!!

I want to see a video on how to make an extra stitch between the first and second needles so there is no hole. I’ve been doing it, but I’m not sure of how to pick up which stitch! Many thanks and my Kitchener stitch is perfect when check you helped me with…Charlotte mueller

There’s not really a specific stitch that you can point to here and say, “This one.”. Pick up anwhere in that corner between the heel flap and the next needle so that you don’t leave a hole.

That said, this is a slightly different technique and it’s a bit more specific about sts to work together. See especially the 7:25 minute point.

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Many thanks I’ll plod along…it’s a bit frustrating, but I will watch
your videos!

I wish you were here! I’m laughing hard as I watched both videos before!
I’ll just stay have to continue plodding…many thanks again!!

I like that second video. It always seems the m1 in the corner makes a bigger hole for me and I have to tug at the finished socks to get it to have enough slack in the pick up to close.

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