Picking up stitches across top (cast off) edge

That is what the pattern is calling for. I have sewed my panels together and need to pick up and knit 221 sts evenly "across top (cast off) edge but i’m not sure that that means. That is for top and bottom edging. Then side edging says i need to pick up and knit along 1 side edge.
If anyone knows of any videos that explains this I would really appreciate it. I just want to get this project as close to perfect as I can.

There’s a video on picking up sts near the bottom of the Tips page. To do it ‘evenly’, you can mark it into 4ths and know that you have to pick up about 55 sts between markers. Or mark it into 10s and pick up 22 between the markers.

Thanks, I guess I missed that when looking LOL I think I was just reading into the directions more then I needed too. I wasn’t sure if “Top (cast off) edge” was a specific way and if “along 1 side edge” meant for the side edging. Thank you for the tip to marking them evenly.