Picking up stiches

I can understand picking up stitches when your yarn is still attached to the project, but I’ve got a dilemma. I’m knitting a bootie (they’re kinda like Mary Janes) from a book called Instant Expert: Knitting (Ros Badger). It gives directions on making the body of the bootie and then sewing it all up and then for the strap, the directions start with:

With RS facing, k18 sts at heel (9 sts at each side of joining), then cast on 14 sts.

Umm…how am I supposed to k18 sts if I’ve got no live sts? I’ve bound off the whole thing and sewn it up! So my question is, how can I pick-up sts from the cast off edge when my yarn is no longer attached to my work?

It doesn’t matter if the yarn’s not attached.Take a yarn end and start picking up stitches, leaving about 3-4 inches to be woven in later. The stitches will be loose for a little bit, but won’t come out. Are you sure you were supposed to BO all the stitches? Weren’t there stitches on a holder maybe?

I guess I could just leave an end to be woven in later … thanks!

The way the pattern works is that you knit it flat and then sew it together … so the top of the leg whole (lol, for lack of a better term) is where they asked you to bind off earlier in the pattern. No to mention the book says “for infant” and the bootie is 4 1/8 inches long! it’s huge! I’m wondering if I should just rip it anyways and find a better bootie pattern that’s not nearly as complicated!

They’re just so darn cute!

Heh, don’t worry, baby’s feet grow fast, just like the rest of them…