Picking Up Garter Stitches

I can’t seem to find clear instructions on how to pickup within a garter ridge. I don’t want to pick up underneath the cast-on. I’m making a triangular shawl where you cast on 3 using provisional cast-on, knit six rows (three garter ridges), rotate and pick-up three along side edge within the garter ridge.

I’ve searched youtube and ALL over.


There’s a tutorial for this garter strip beginning, but I don’t have a link. You pick up the sts in the ‘dips’ of the garter ridges. So when you have the 6 rows knit, turn the little piece sideways, and pick up 3 in each valley of the garter ridges, then turn and take out the provisional cast on and knit those stitches.

That’s what I’m crazy about. Are the dips the stitches of the second row of the ridge?

I guess so, I don’t think of them as a numbered row I guess. You have ridges and valleys in a piece of garter stitch, the ‘dips’ would be the valley between the purl ridges.