Picking up dropped stitches in lace pattern

It seems I always have a difficult time establishing a new pattern without restarting several times. :frowning:

My biggest problem is when I notice an error in a row or two below and want to drop down and fix it. Being lace, there will always be a YO stitch to take out and pick back up. This is where I get into trouble.

How do you pick up and put the YO back into the pattern when working your way back up to the needles?

I need all the help I can get!:shrug:

jcl, a.k.a joaniecomelately

I’m not sure that is possible if it’s quite a few rows back. Once you’ve continued knitting past the error the stitches become tight and don’t leave room for a YO. If the error is in the row below it might be fixable though. :think:

One thing you should always do in a complicated pattern and especially lace is use a lifeline. Under “fixing mistakes” there is a video on how to do this.

Right, definately use lifelines. And, there is no way to pick it up if it’s a few rows back. There wouldn’t be any room for the missing yarn overs. The best thing to do is count your stitches every row and make sure you have the correct number.

I have picked up a missing yo from 8 rows back, but it was very tricky and as everyone has said, there wasn’t much room for it, so I had to work on my surrounding stitches to ‘redistribute’ them a little after I had picked it up. But having said that, after I picked it up and did all that fiddling, I wondered why I just didn’t frog it back to the mistake, it would have taken less time and heartache.

If you know how to pick up a dropped stitch in garter or stocking, you do the same thing but with a yo stitch that you create from the bar in between stitches. Depending on your tension, needle size, and wool, this may or may not be noticeable as you make the surrounding stitches tighter. It is easier to find a way to ensure that you pick up mistakes within 1-2 rows at most.

I came across this earlier today:


There’s all kinds of info on lifelines, charts and fixing a mistake on previous rows (just scroll down a bit for that last one).