Picking up a picot bind off?

Hi there! I’m working on this shawl and i’m close to finishing. A problem I noticed, however is that the topmost separate part (the light green on the photos) I either didn’t make long enough or made too close to the top edge as it keeps flipping up.

My problem is I used a picot bind off for the edge, and all ends on that section were already weaved in. So unraveling the bind off is pretty much not going to happen, but i’m not sure how to pick up stitches along a picot bind off, or if I even can. Any advice on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Well, of course the ideal thing to go is to unpick those ends and extend the added pattern. If you only want to keep it from flipping up, you might try tacking it down at intervals with a sewn stitch.

Depending on how much of a bump is in the picot bind off, you could ignore the bumps and pick up along the bind off edge (skipping the bumps). Let the picot bumps fall to the underside. I’m not sure how noticeable this will be but you can always pull it out if you don’t like it.

It looks like a nice pattern for a very pretty shawl.